Support across the change cycle

Support across the change cycle

We support organisations across the change cycle, from audit, through strategy & consultation, to design, implementation and sustainability:


Audit – we offer a rigorous and analytical review of your operations to uncover hidden pinch points and untapped opportunities


Strategy – we apply leading-edge thinking to your operations, creating new options with you


Design – we design new systems, processes and infrastructure


Implementation – we take your business strategy from boardroom vision to on-the-ground reality


Sustainability – we develop your team and equip them with the skills to embed end-to-end supply chain business thinking and deliver change


Benchmarking – we provide both quantitative and qualitative performance data on best-in-class business operations, customer service and market trends

RTFC Client Support

RTFC Consulting Limited has provided support to its clients across the 'Capability Design' spectrum based upon the 6M's methodology. RTFC will proactively assess and access the most suitable sources of Procurement 'best practice' and incorporate as appropriate into the support we provide to you and your team.

RTFC's Mission is to create a World Class Procurement function/capability. To go "From Excellence to Greatness" We will embrace this mission and start to baseline where you are in the Capability Lifecycle. From here we will perform a Gap Analysis and start to form an Action Plan to achieve the Mission.

The future of any organisation is too important to leave to chance. Effective management, strong leadership and exceptional client care are the cornerstones that underpin the competitive differentials of many successful organisations.

We recognise that at the heart of procurement, no matter where in the world you are, is the ability to demonstrate that your money is being spent wisely. Ensuring that procurement professionals have the skills for the task, and that processes are not only optimised for efficiency, but can also be independently verified remains paramount. We will not only assist in the creation of appropriate Job Descriptions for key and standard roles, we can also ensure that Continued Professional Development (CPD) is provided to your current team, designing a training matrix for you to utilise going forwards.

RTFC has recently entered into a partnering arrangement with Morgan Smith Ltd, an experienced procurement and supply chain improvement consultancy, who have designed, developed and implemented a proven piece of 'Thoughtware' called the i-BOM (Integrated Business Operating Model) that has helped its clients significantly improve their operating performance.

Stakeholders and Regulatory bodies will require that any ‘Contracting Authority' has procedures in place to ensure its own staff and associates are competent in, or have access to appropriate training and guidance and systems used to ensure consistency of standards across operations. RTFC will use i-BOM as its preferred business platform in the establishment of procurement procedures. i-BOM can also be extended to integrate with other business disciplines and the originations overall Quality Management System (QMS).

RTFC have produced numerous operating policies and procedures, but the one central to most procurement operations id the Source Evaluation Board (SEB Process). Versions of this process are currently being used at Sellafield Ltd, BAA Heathrow Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd.

In this step, a Procurement Code or Guidance Manual will be created which will set-out the key policies, procedures and checklists associated with all procurement lifecycle activities from defining the initial requirement, all the way through to contract close-out. As and when the Procurement Code handbook has been agreed by you, we will prepare a 1 day Training Course and deliver the first course to selected individuals in your organisation.

In association with our professional body (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)) we will design world class training and continued professional development courses for identified personnel, which have been especially tailored to your sector.

The introduction of e-procurement has been identified by governments and private companies worldwide as a powerful tool to enable the transformation of their public and private sector procurement systems and to reduce the cost of procurement, improve efficiency, encourage greater competition for government contracts and provide transparency on how taxpayers' money is being used as part of a wider open government initiative. E-procurement is the use of secure web-based platforms by a buyer to communicate and transact with suppliers in an electronic environment, free from the inconveniences, delays, and physical insecurities of any kind. We have worked with several clients previously in this area and have vast experience in E-tendering in the public and private procurement arena, particularly in the Oil and Gas, Construction, Water Utilities and Healthcare Sectors.

We will help you design, specify and implement an E-procurement solution that will give you full transparency and audit-ability of transactions. This will be essential in eliminating any potential for fraud or corruption within the procurement lifecycle.

Within the current global economic climate, companies must consider every avenue for cutting costs in order to simply survive; the procurement department plays an increasingly important role in achieving this strategic goal. We will help you to increase the transparency of your procurement measurement by agreeing, selecting and implementing agreed measures for the three different key metrics;

Cash savings - Financially measurable changes in expenditure, which are directly influenced by purchasing. We will determine an internal¬Ě reference price as a precondition for measuring cost reduction. For example, reducing leasing rates for the car fleet by 10% compared to last year's rates results in a 10% cash savings.

Savings vs. market price development - Measuring expenditure versus market price development involves determining market price as a precondition, and takes particular account of cost avoidance (defence against price increases). For example, since the market price index of car leasing rates shows a 15% decrease compared to last year, our 10% 'cash saving' is not more than a –5% negative saving vs. market price development'.

Total value savings - Change in direct and indirect costs caused by efficient purchasing; this also includes follow-up costs (e.g. storage), as well as the evaluation of process efficiencies and changing risk). This figure is calculated in addition to 'cash savings'. For example, since our new leasing rates include administration benefits, we reduce internal administration costs by 5% relative to leasing rates, which means 'total value savings' of 15% compared to last year.

Initial Deliverables

At RTFC, our client's aims and objectives become our aims and objectives. As such, working closely with our clients, we always seek to understand how efficiently your business is currently run before we provide sustainable solutions for the present and the future that will be unique to your industry.

The initial 'Deliverables' that RTFC Consulting Africa Limited will offer are:

Outline scoping study

Gap analysis report
Implementation plan

Client Responsibilities and Programme Assumptions

The Scope of Services listed is comprehensive, but not exhaustive. RTFC have a very flexible attitude to meeting with your requirements. Therefore, any work resulting from this proposal will be agreed between both parties, prior to commencement of any work. Specific work packages will be based upon the following Client Responsibilities:

Agree and sign-off all draft deliverables.

Provide the appropriate resources and time available to enable the work discussed above to be undertaken.

We will ensure that you continually buy into our processes and methodology throughout the process we follow so as to ensure the right solution for you is always delivered.

Team Structure

At RTFC, we recruit only the best, drawing from top-tier business schools and blue-chip consultancies from around the world. Our people are intelligent, analytical, driven and international. They combine analytical skills, strategic sourcing processes, and category knowledge with effective stakeholder management to effect real change for our clients. We always ensure that the right teams are handpicked based on their expertise and skills, with the aim of delivering your desired solution.

Client Service

Our prime objective is to provide you with a high quality service that meets your needs. We undertake to look into any matter carefully and promptly and do all we can to resolve the position to your satisfaction.

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