Core Products

The drive to minimise production costs has driven companies to search around the globe for the most favourable manufacturing environment; Europe yesterday, China today, perhaps India tomorrow?

However, lower manufacturing costs are not the only consideration. Quality and delivery lead times are key factors which, in some cases, are resulting in production being returned closer to home to achieve faster response times and reduced stocks.

As such we can deliver a powerful solution that works not just in theory but also in the hard commercial reality of today’s business environment. And it means you will see the tangible results of our thinking on the ground in your day-to-day operations..

RTFC Consulting Ltd offers the following core products:


Business Process Establishment, Optimization & Change Management –The increasing transparency and accountability of all organisations, including public service and government or even small organisations nowadays, has tended to heighten demand for process improvement everywhere. This means that Business Process Modeling is more widely relevant than Total Quality Management or other similar techniques. With guidance from RTFC, your Business Process Model will improve business performance by optimizing the efficiency of connecting activities in the provision of any product or service.


Business Process Optimization – Morgan Smith Limited is an experienced procurement and supply chain improvement consultancy which has: designed, developed and implemented it's Integrated Business Operating Model (i-BOM) in order to assist the Procurement Function in its relentless improvement of: governance, compliance and operating performance. RTFC is a member of the MSL Partner Program.


E- Procurement – RTFC provide technical advice and support to clients in the adoption of electronic procurement systems. We do not offer or sell an e-procurement software solution and we are independent of software suppliers. Our advisory services include conducting ‘as is’ analysis, e-readiness assessments, requirements gathering, preparing conceptual designs, drafting eProcurement roadmaps and support during the implementation phase of the project e.g. change management.


Training Programmes consistent with, and supported by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply


Flow Cost Analysis – evaluates the cost and capacity of your operations and identifies the effect of operational changes and external forces


Network Optimisation – models a distribution network to reveal opportunities now and for the future


Inventory Modeller – simulates and tests the effects of different inventory strategies and scenarios


Process Re-design – using recognised business process mapping methods, we quickly identify where process gaps are creating cost and failure


Profiling and Benchmarking – allows you to understand where you stand on the performance spectrum, the scale of the challenge, and the key areas for improvement

Time and again we achieve remarkable results with our clients enabling enduring and reproducible insights that deliver lasting impact.

However, the tools are just a part of the picture. Our consultants’ vast experience from working with a wide range of organisations to create new solutions tailored to their specific strategic supply chain management requirements.

To succeed, businesses demand practical answers to their current challenges. They need the right balance of specialist expertise, structured process and rigorous, fact-based analysis – all underpinned by leading-edge thinking.

That’s where our supply chain consulting services come in.

We support a wide range of businesses to develop, deliver and sustain competitive advantage across a number of critical areas:


Business operating models

The effectiveness of your business operating model is fundamental to the success of your organisation. Get it right and you’ll improve your margins, growth, service, profit and competitiveness.

We’ll work with you to create and deliver the right business operating model for your business objectives. We’ll show you the pros and cons of the available options. And we’ll help you implement the optimum balance of customer offering, end-to-end operations and financial return. All of which will support your core business strategy.

The result? You’ll be able to unlock new opportunities throughout your business. Opportunities to lower costs and increase margins, develop profitable new services, refine existing ones and out-pace competitors. All of which will power sustainable growth and transform how you operate.

Because when every percentage point counts, good enough simply isn’t good enough.

customer & commercial proposition

To be truly successful, every business must understand its customers’ needs intimately.
We balance in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and business economics to determine precisely which combination of products, services and offerings will deliver the greatest success. And, importantly, we’ll help you weigh up the implications that delivering this combination will have for your business.

We’ll work with you to define and deploy your go-to-market strategies for implementation and design across:

•    Customer experience
•    Customer journey
•    Product and customer strategies

We audit existing customer services and experiences to help you understand what you have today, and anticipate what you should be offering tomorrow.

We take the same approach to product and customer strategies, providing clients with an understanding of their current offer and helping them develop strategies to be competitive in the future. How do we do this? Our powerful business analytics capability – revealing customer pricing, channel and product insights. Ultimately, we’ll help you plan and deliver more profitable customer journeys throughout your organisation and create the right formula for your business and your customers.


Business insights through analytics

Right now, hidden inside your business data lie the keys to your future business success.

Success that will deliver a step-change in how you currently operate. Success that will unlock powerful new sources of increased margin and significant opportunities for growth.

Of course, first you have to uncover this knowledge and put it to work. That’s where our supply chain analysis expertise comes in.

Our supply chain consultants understand how to extract clarity from even the most complex business data. We know how to use it to discover new opportunities for profitable growth, increased margins and end-to-end operational efficiencies. And we know how to do it fast.

It’s enabling our clients to create new services and ways of operating and giving them tangible advantages in even the most competitive markets.

Crucially, we’ll deliver expert insight to interpret what that data means and how it can provide real value to your business.

End-to-end supply chain operations

In today’s volatile markets, leading companies are putting supply chain thinking at the forefront of our customer driven business operations and strategy. After all, a customer-driven supply chain doesn’t only help reduce complexity it also plays a critical role in delivering growth.

Our objective is to help you turn areas of potential disruption into sources of competitive advantage. Working closely with you on end-to-end strategy, design and implementation, we can transform your global, regional and local supply chains.

In doing so, we’ll help you unlock insights and opportunities, deliver increased customer value, and tackle immediate concerns. All of which will ultimately deliver enduring business benefits.

More than this, we can also ensure environmental, sustainable and low-carbon measures are adopted across the entire end-to-end operation.

We deliver all of this using our specialist expertise in:
• End-to-end supply chain management
• Supply chain risk
• Procurement and sourcing
• Inventory management
• Planning – S&OP and integrated business planning
• Distribution and manufacturing networks
• Transport operations
• Distribution centre and warehouse operations
• Manufacturing operations

People & organisational development

Your assets and operations are only as valuable as your team’s ability to use them. And yet this area is frequently overlooked. All too often, change initiatives deliver just a fraction of the potential – leaving your business struggling to put all the great thinking into action.

Success is about engaging and empowering the organisation, setting the right performance measures and ensuring people have the skills & training to execute.

We understand that the effective transfer of knowledge is essential to getting the most out of your investment. That’s why our work approach is transparent, engaging and participative. And we develop tailored training programmes to educate all levels of your company, from board directors to your critical teams.

Our focus is to embed capabilities within the actual business environment. And we ensure all our development initiatives deliver tangible outputs on both a personal and organisational level.

Our services include:
• Senior team innovation workshops
• Organisational design and KPIs
• Development needs assessments and defining learning frameworks
• Developing and delivering supply chain academies
• Tailored training and skills development
• Facilitating change through cross-functional group working


Research and benchmarking

In the face of an ever-changing business environment, if you’re to create and maintain an advantage over your competition, you need answers to some fundamental questions.

What are your customers doing? Your competitors? How about other best-in-class organisations? What’s changing in the market?

Your business needs to know all of this and more before committing to a major supply chain or operations change. This is where our global supply chain research and benchmarking services can help.

We provide both quantitative and qualitative performance data on best-in-class supply chain and business operations, customer service and market trends throughout the world. And we can undertake tailored research and benchmarking studies and interpret what that data means and how it can provide real value to your business.

This gives you the empirical data you need to help support your decision making.

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